How to Make a Headshot Photography Promo Video That’ll Make Clients Say “Shabang!”

Moira West


When you’re shooting a headshot, you’re looking to make an impact — fast. Headshots that are memorable can help clients get jobs. And headshot videos that can make an impact can help you get clients. Headshot photographer Peter Hurley racked up more than 11,000 views on Facebook with most recent headshot promo. Check out his energetic, 30-second video, then take a look at our breakdown of why it works (and how you can create one like it.)

Marketing Video Style: Standout
“Everybody Get Crazy” by 2 the Groove

So what can you do to get a similar look? Here’s a breakdown:

  • Make it social friendly. That means creating a video 30 seconds or shorter, to keep the audience watching to the end, and testing out how your video looks with and without sound and when it’s on a mobile device. Make no mistake, Peter’s video pops no matter how you’re viewing it.
  • Find a color palette that doesn’t distract from faces. Peter’s video only uses white and black backgrounds, which create a striking effect while keeping the focus on his clients’ faces.
  • Keep the pace quick. Most of Peter’s images only show for a second or so before you see the next headshot. It give the video energy and prevents it from dragging.
  • Choose a variety of photos. With headshots, there’s such a variety of possible expressions, and Peter takes advantage of them all. Try to select a wide selection of ages, skin tones, and facial expressions to show off the range of your work.
  • Minimal text. If you want your video to look similar to Peter’s, cut back on text. Instead, just include the most important facts — your business name and type and any special promotion you’re holding. Then, let your photos do the talking for you.

Do you have a headshot video that shows off your good side? Post it in the comments below, or share it on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram using hashtag #MyAnimoto.