7 Guides to Help You Market Your Photography Business with Video in 2017

Moira West


Looking to create better-looking slideshows and marketing videos for your photography business this year? Take a look at some of our favorite how-to posts from the past year and find out how to craft videos that are sure to impress.

7 Guides to Help You Market Your Photography Business with Video in 2017
  1. Shooting video clips. Though she can create beautiful photography videos with just her still images, Sue Bryce prefers to meld photography and video clips together in her slideshows and videos. This year she shared her tips on our blog in posts about shooting behind-the-scenes video clips and her video dos and don’ts — a great jumping off point if you’re new to shooting video.

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  1. Choosing the right music. When you’re sharing your images, your music choice can help stir up emotions in your clients and convince them to buy. That’s why we asked Triple Scoop Music’s Roy Ashen to share his tips for finding the right song for your videos and slideshows on the blog.
  2. Add a collage. Our new Marketing Video Builder lets you get more adventurous with the design of your video — and that includes the option to add collages to showcase several images at once. Check out our post on how you can best use this new feature to show off your work.
7 Guides to Help You Market Your Photography Business with Video in 2017

Images courtesy of Kristen Houser

  1. Use text that pops. Text is a key feature of successful videos, especially since about 82% of videos play silently on social media. Elevate your next project in our Marketing Video Builder with our how-to guide for using text.

  2. Optimize your video’s SEO. Once your video is finished, you’ll want people to be able to find it. That’s where guest poster Corey Potter of Fuel Your Photos comes in. This year, he shared his easy-to-follow process for getting your photography videos to rank higher on Google and YouTube.

  3. Make a video that’ll perform well on social. We launched our first Social Media Summit this year, featuring photographers like Vanessa Joy and Sue Bryce, sharing their tips for creating videos that work on social media. To get started, check out Vanessa’s best tips for succeeding on social media on the photography blog.

  4. Post your video as an ad. If your New Year’s resolution involves learning how to create ads on Instagram or Facebook, a good jumping off point is Susan Stripling’s great Wedding School talk which we covered in this post on creating ads for Instagram.

Want to work on your skills in an area you don’t see listed here? Post in the comments below to let us know what you’d like to see us cover. Then, check out the rest of the photography blog to find even more information, inspiration, and amazing videos.