How One Photographer Went from Part-Time to Full-Time by Marketing with Animoto

Moira West


It only took one video for Emily (“Em”) Sexton to go from part-time to full-time photography — a behind-the-scenes video that Em created in about an hour. Within three weeks of posting, she was booked solid with clients, and made a real connection with her viewers. “I’ve received more than 40 messages from women thanking me for this video — and women I didn’t even know started sharing their stories with me.”

Em had worked for an investment bank for 7 years but wanted to pursue her passion — photography. She worked part time as a senior, boudoir, and women’s portrait photographer, but couldn’t quite break through to full-time work.

Even though she already had an Animoto account that she used to make videos for her high school seniors, she never really utilized it until she responded to Sue Bryce’s Animoto Marketing Challenge. Em joined the Challenge and created her behind-the-scenes video.

“I put my whole heart out on the line in my video and it was scary.” She added, “Thank you, Animoto (and Sue!), for helping me to thrive in my business, but more importantly, for helping me translate my value in such an impactful way.”

After posting her video, Em had so many bookings that she was able to quit her corporate job and become a full-time photographer. She created two more videos, one tailored to seniors and another designed for her boudoir business, both of which helped increase revenue.

Overall, Em gives Animoto a lot of credit for enabling her to share her story. “[Animoto] tells people’s stories. That’s what sells people on the product and then on us as business owners — we tell stories. Animoto allows us to tell stories that connect with our clients.” Those stories helped her earn a living working at a job she loves.