Looking for something moving to say in your next marketing video? We’ve put together a collection of quotes from some of the greatest photographers and artists from around the world to help spark some ideas. Take a look, and then try adding your favorite to a block or two of your next video.

1. “You don’t take a photograph, you make it.” —Ansel Adams

2. “It is more important to click with people than to click the shutter.” —Alfred Eisenstaedt

3. “A single photograph contains different images.” —Daido Moriyama

4. “The subject matter is so much more important than the photographer.” —Gordon Parks

5. “Don’t shoot what it looks like. Shoot what it feels like.” —David Alan Harvey

6. “The best thing about a picture is that it never changes, even when the people in it do.” —Andy Warhol

7. “Most of my photos are grounded in people. I look for the unguarded moment, the essential soul peeking out, experience etched on a person’s face.” —Steve McCurry

8. “I fight to take a good photograph every single time.” —Annie Leibovitz

9. “What I like about photographs is that they capture a moment that’s gone forever, impossible to reproduce.” —Karl Lagerfeld

10. “In the end, photography for me is just an excuse to get to know the world.” —Graciela Iturbide

11. “Photography takes an instant out of time, altering life by holding it still.” —Dorothea Lange

12. “You can look at a picture for a week and never think of it again. You can also look at a picture for a second and think of it all your life.” —Joan Miro

13. “The heart and mind are the true lens of the camera.” —Yousuf Karsh

14. “Photography, at its best, goes far beyond the style of an individual; like the soul it need not always be explained.” —Raghu Rai

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