Photographer New Year’s Resolution: Create an End-of-Year Video

Moira West


It’s that time of year again — time to do your annual photography wrap up. Many photographers close out the year with a blog post full of photos, but if you’re thinking of doing the same, here are a few things to keep in mind:

  1. Your audience may not scroll down to see every photo you’ve posted.
  2. Creating a photo gallery of your year limits the ways you can share your images on social media.

Video puts a rest to both those concerns, while at the same time reaching customers who are more willing to check out a video than still images. Maybe that’s why wedding photographer Jasmine Star decided to add video to her year-end blog post. Jasmine closed out her wedding season by producing a stellar slideshow video that not only reminds you of the incredible work she did during the year, but gives her a stunning video portfolio that’s easy to share on social media.

Style: Classic, Customized

When you’re looking to create your own end-of-year video, here are some helpful tips:

  • Make it about you: Let your personality shine through. Choose music, style, and pacing that reflects your tastes — and photos that do, too. (For example, even if that photo of the Star Wars wedding turned out great, if it’s not your typical thing, don’t include it).

  • Make it about your clients, too: It doesn’t hurt to include a quick thank you in your video, acknowledging the people who chose you as their photographer this year. Also, be sure to tag past clients on social media. It’ll remind them how awesome you are, and if past clients share with their friends and family, you’ll get some word-of-mouth marketing while you’re at it.

  • Edit the number of images: Choose only your “love-em-can’t-believe-how-incredible-that-turned-out” images. Feel that way about all your images? Still try to edit the number of images down, selecting a variety of poses or locations to ensure viewers will stay to see your logo and contact info at the end.

  • Include video clips: So much of what you do as a photographer comes before and after the shot itself. Incorporating some video lets viewers see behind the curtain, which keeps them interested. And that motion makes for a more cinematic slideshow. For example, Bethany Jones of Sojourner Society created a gorgeous end-of-year slideshow that works particularly well because it includes so many stunning video clips.

    Style: Documentary, Customized
    Song: “Coming Home To You” by Ruby Velle and The Soulphonics

  • Share: Be like a kindergartner and don’t forget to share. You’ll expand your reach if you post to social media and YouTube, and give more potential clients an opportunity to find you.

Recapping your year can help you connect with new clients and reconnect with old ones. So start combing through your favorite photos from the past year, select some of the best, and get started creating a beautiful slideshow.

Have you put together an end-of-year video for your photography business? Post the link in the comments below, or join our video marketing group to share with other photographers and get feedback.