Maui Wedding Adventures

Destination weddings make up about 98 percent of the business Michael Fish of Maui Wedding Adventures sees in a given year. Couples from all over the world to get married on the beaches of Hawaii, but often they travel alone or with just a few friends to keep costs down. Michael shared how he’s using video slideshows to help couples bring the beauty of the wedding’s tropical setting home.

Michael Fish

Maui Wedding Adventures offers video slideshows as an add-on to wedding packages. If requested by the client, Michael’s team shoots video during the wedding and adds video clips to create a fusion slideshow. Then Michael shows couples several sample videos to help them select an Animoto style for their video, and pairs their slideshow with Hawaiian music to match the location.

Style: Coming Up Roses

Michael told us, “Couples will have their sweet and simple wedding on Maui and take home a slideshow to present at their reception to their family and friends. Last week, we had a bride who played her Animoto slideshow at the reception, and said it was the hit of the party.”

And though Michael primarily thinks of Animoto as a way to create a cherished keepsake for his clients, he also creates video slideshows of different locations to help couples choose their ceremony location, and utilizes marketing videos to help advertise his business on social media.

Style: Dusk Retreat (White)
Song: “All About Your Heart” (Instrumental) by Mindy Gledhill

That advertisement comes in handy. “Destination weddings are very popular and the competition is extremely high. On Maui alone there are thousands of photographers working hard to make their way.” The videos Michael creates help connect with clients and vendors, and his slideshows give him a unique offering that not only drives business, but helps couples recapture the romance of their Hawaiian wedding long after they return home.

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