One of the most important rules about making a great marketing video is to keep it short. Most people prefer videos that are 60 seconds or less, so you need to pack a lot of information into your video very quickly. That’s hard to do if you’re showing just one image at a time. The solution? Create a collage.

Designing your video with a collection of images in one block helps you share more of your work while also creating a more dynamic video. Take a look at headshot photographer Kristen Houser’s video below to see how adding a few collages can elevate a marketing video and add visual interest at the same time.

Marketing Video Style: Blank Slate
Song: “Anger is a Bush” by Oshmusik

Take a look at a few ways to create an arresting set of images using a collage.

1. Balance out your colors. Choose a set of images that have complementary colors, or find images with overall tones that work together. In the collage below, there’s just enough variety in the colors to keep the collage interesting, but they’re part of a neutral palette and don’t overwhelm the audience.

Why You Should Add Collages to Your Marketing Videos (and How to Do It)

2. Choose a few related images. Take a set of images that have the same model or a similar outfit, but have different expressions or poses. The similar backgrounds highlight the work you do in coaxing expression or emotion from your subjects.

Why You Should Add Collages to Your Marketing Videos (and How to Do It)

3. Select different models to highlight your range. Find a few images you love, but that feature very different types to give your audience a feel for your skill and the sorts of people (or animals, places, or things) you photograph well.

Why You Should Add Collages to Your Marketing Videos (and How to Do It)

Ready to add a collage to your next marketing video? Find out how on our help page. Or, if you’ve got a video with a creative collage, share it in the comments below or on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram with the hashtag #MyAnimoto and we might share it!