Clickin Moms Member Spotlight: Natalie Myers



Clickin Moms members include thousands of women with a passion for capturing their families, and other families, through photography.

Many use Animoto Pro professionally and personally. This is part of our series highlighting one member per month on our blog.

Natalie Myers is an accomplished senior portrait photographer based in Lincoln, Nebraska.  She kindly agreed to tell us about her approach to photography, and how she uses Animoto.

shay chic photography senior girl
  1. Why did you begin a photography career?

I began my photography career at an age later than some.  I had a child in my early 40’s and loved to sew boutique outfits for her.  Then I needed to photograph them, hence, wanting to learn more about photography.  I’d always loved taking pictures and once the bug hit, I was all about photography.

2. What kind of photography do you specialize in?

I’m now focusing my business on Senior photography.  I just love seniors and although I still do family/child shoots, my heart lies with my seniors.

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3. How has your photography business changed over time, especially as a result of changing technology?

Well let’s just say that my cameras over the last 8 years have changed considerably.  Also, social networking has been huge for my career.  My older children are long grown and gone, and we didn’t have such a thing as Facebook while they were growing up.  I’ve needed to stay up-to-date with the latest and greatest to keep my business current and relevant, especially to that teen market, which has grown up with technology.

4. How has Animoto been helpful to your career?

I love Animoto.  It has allowed me to show amazing photo/video fusion slideshows to my seniors and clients.  They LOVE them, and I’ve even had a few tears shed while watching the first time.

5. How does Animoto fit into your photography process?

I offer slideshow dvd’s to all my senior clients for purchase or web viewing.

6. What are some things you consider when presenting your photos to clients?

Well, this last year, I’m working on adding some video clips taken at the shoot with my camera to the slideshows.  It’s very powerful and helps to show a time in their life worth remembering.  I also like to have the music relevant to the slideshow.

7. During which occasions do you like to use Animoto videos?

Especially my seniors, but I’m considering cake smash sessions and other sessions too.

shay chic senior photography girl
8. What is your favorite video style?  Why?

My favorite style is the Animoto original.  It fits me and my branding perfectly!

9. Why do you like using videos to display your work?

I think video is a very powerful way to show photos.  Music adds such another layer of watching your beautiful photos pass by your eyes.

See more of Natalie’s awesome senior photography on her [official website](http://, and follow her on Facebook and Twitter!

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