Clickin Moms Member Spotlight: Photography by M.M. Eckel


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Clickin Moms members include thousands of women with a passion for capturing their family and other families through photography.

Many use Animoto Pro professionally and personally. This is part of our series highlighting one member per month on our blog.

Today we’re talking with Mélanie Eckel, a photographer based in Alberta, Canada who specializes in family photography.

Photography by MMEckel

1. What made you begin a photography career?

I have always been interested in photographing my surroundings. I really dove into the art of photography when I borrowed my parents Pentax 35mm film camera, I loved the flexibility I had to create beautiful images of the world as I saw it. I was approached by friends to take family pictures for them…I started my photography business because I was having so much fun during the sessions and seeing the joy that the  images gave my clients is so rewarding.

2. What kind of photography do you specialize in?

I have done many types of photography: aerial, newborns, wedding, boudoir, couples, engagement, but I would say I specialize in family photography. I love the personal connection, interactions and  personalities I’m able to capture for the families as they grow.

Photography by MMEckel

3. How has your photography business changed over time, especially as a result of changing technology?

My generation has seen a huge leap in technology when it comes to photography. I learned on film, started my business with a 10 megapixel DSLR and am currently using a great 16 megapixel camera and a nice array of lenses. Technology has also changed how I communicate with and present images to my clients.

4. How has Animoto been helpful to your career?

I love using Animoto because of how easy it is to use. It adds a polished and professional look to the video slideshows.

5. How does Animoto fit into your photography process?

I do in-person image reveals for my clients; the first time they see any of their images is with me and with an Animoto video. This is prefect for my business because it allows me to connect again with my clients in a personal way…The best part of the video reveal is the emotion that it evokes in my clients. They  remember the emotions they had at the session, playing and interacting with their family and best of all they see their beautiful images in a professional video.

6. What are some things you consider when presenting your photos to clients?

My main goal when first presenting the images to my clients is to create an emotional connection to their images and to tell their story.

7. During which occasions do you like to use Animoto videos?

Like I mentioned above, I use Animoto for  my client sessions and they receive a copy to share with their family and friends online. I use Animoto for my personal pictures as well. If I want to share a large amount of images of a family event, I’ll make a video to tell the story of the event. I’ve used it for Christmas, birthdays, summer fun, Easter, family outings and just our every day.

Photography by MMEckel

8. What is your favorite video style and why?

I like to keep the videos fairly simple but choose the video style based on the session. I’ve used many of the styles and currently love the Rustic style because it pairs well with my branding and style.

9. Why do you like using video to display your photos?

I love using video to display images because it helps tell a story and creates an  emotional connection with the viewer. Another reason is I’m able to protect my images because I’m not uploading multiple images onto email or social media sites where the images may be used out of context.

10. What advice would you give new photographers, or photographers looking to expand their businesses?

If you are not doing an in person image reveal and ordering session with your clients, start today. Choose an image display process that will create an emotional connection for your client. I suggest Animoto for sure, because that’s what I love.

You can learn more about Mélanie’s photography by visiting her official website.

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