Celebrating Newborn Photography with Video

Moira West


Newborns grow up so fast. Before you know it, they are beginning to grow and develop into curious little children. That’s why newborn photographers record infants at the very start of their lives. To give parents beautiful images (and sometimes videos) to have as keepsakes of those first days with their little one .

We wanted to celebrate those newborn photographers who help us capture the memory of our children at the start of their lives, so we put together a selection of some of our favorite newborn photography slideshow videos. Take a look:

Internationally renowned photographer Ana Brandt created this family session slideshow to celebrate the birth of a family’s fifth child (but their very first girl). The video showcases the love and happiness the new baby brings and the sweetness of the newborn herself.

Rachael Yoon asks “Why capture your baby’s first days?” and then answers her own question with beautiful photographs that preserve the wonder and preciousness of newborn infants.

It’s double the cuteness with Heidi Harting’s photography video. Here, she uses a powerful combination of video clips and photographs to welcome twin newborn girls into the world.

Mollie Meagher of Ellie Belle Photography skillfully highlights the sleepy smiles and tiny toes of her newborn clients in her video business card.

Check out how other photographers are creating incredible photography slideshows and marketing videos on our blog, and then get started creating your own amazing photography videos.