Big in 2015: The Best of the Photography Blog

Moira West


The start of a new year is always a good time to sit back and reflect on how the previous one turned out. But rather than do a by-the-numbers rundown of our top posts, we created a list of the top five types of posts that got our readers the most excited. These sets of posts were read more than almost anything else this year, so if you missed out on them (or just want to read them again), here’s your chance to catch up:

  1. Triple Scoop Music Selections: This year, we published a few guides to finding the perfect song for different genres of photography videos. The most popular was Jerry Ghionis’s list of his favorite songs for wedding photography slideshows. But, we published six different music posts, all of which were blog favorites, including song selections for: newborns from Kelly Brown, boudoir from Jen Rozenbaum, children’s photography from Tamara Lackey, and fashion photography from Lindsay Adler.

  2. Inspiration Panel: What keeps our favorite pro photographers inspired and motivated? That was the idea behind our 2015 photography panel. Whether it was sharing how they keep up their confidence, the best advice they ever got, or who inspires them as photographers, this year our panel opened up about what helped them find success.
  3. Which Style Should I Use: Choosing a favorite out of Animoto’s nearly 100 different styles can take a while, so we broke down some of our style choices for ones with (or without) filters, those that work for vertical photographs, and styles suited to senior and children’s photography. But for a long time, our number one post was about styles that allowed longer video clips . . . until we updated all our styles so they could have this feature.

  4. Instagram: Following our popular CreativeLive class with Sue Bryce, Ana Brandt, and Susan Roderick, we saw a surge in people wanting to know how to market using Instagram, how to make videos for Instagram, and how to share those videos once they were made, as well as a rise in our readers using video on Instagram.

    A video posted by Ana Brandt (@anabrandt) on Jun 6, 2015 at 11:18am PDT

  5. About Me: This year, our readers were ready to tell the world all about themselves. Whether they wanted to create amazing About Me page, or were ready to make About Me video to wow visitors to your website or social media pages, posts featuring an About Me video were always in our top posts.

What was your favorite blog post of 2015? Let us know in the comments below.