Mobile capture is getting more and more sophisticated, and now you can easily create and even edit photographs and video on the go. So we put together a list of some of our favorite apps for video and photography to help you make the most of your mobile devices.

The camera app: Camera+

This app gives you an alternative to the standard iOS camera app, in addition to offering a wide spectrum of editing tools and effects at the same time. Like a standard DSLR, Camera+ lets you adjust shutter speed, aperture and ISO, and the app also has a quality image stabilizer, digital zoom, and a flashlight for low-light shoots, among other features. It’s available on iOS systems in both the full, paid version and a free version with fewer features.


Photo editing app: Snapseed

If you’re looking for a great all-around photo editing app, Snapseed might be right up your alley. Developed by Nik Software, this app features most of the effects you’d get from non-mobile photo editors, including several ways to tune your images, do spot repairs, or filter your photos. It also keeps a running list of your edits so you can make adjustments later. The app works with files from just about any source, and is rigged to upload your images to most social media platforms. As a bonus, Snapseed is 100% free, and available for iOS and Android systems.


Textures and filters: Mextures

Founded by photographer Merek Davis, Mextures lets users mix and match a series of high-resolution textures (many of which are taken from actual film scans or other real-world sources) and different blending options, to customize a look for their images. Users can then save their textures to keep a consistent look across images or share their texture with friends. Mextures also makes it easy to edit photos and make small changes to textures by your tracking adjustments. Available for iOS users, Mextures is a paid app.


Text: Typic

If you’ve got a little graphic designer in your soul, this is the app for you. Typic lets you add text and graphical elements (as well as filters) to your photos, so you can create photos that can speak for themselves. The app also lets you add your logo to your photos, making it an inexpensive way to promote your business. Typic is available as a paid app for iOS.


Time lapse: Hyperlapse

This app creates smooth-looking videos with an easy-to-use interface. Though Hyperlapse was created by Instagram, it’s not attached to that app. The simple interface lets you set up your mobile device and begin recording right away. The app will convert to a time lapse video that’s remarkably steady. Right now, you can only get Hyperlapse for iOS devices, but like Instagram, it’s free.


Slow motion: Slow Fast Slow

Studio Neat created a simple video editor that lets you speed up or slow down the your existing videos, or record new videos and then adjust the speed within the app. The controls are intuitive and allow you adjust pitch as well. Though only available on the iPhone as a paid app, it’s an easy-to-use option for iPhone photographers looking to change their video’s pace without learning the ins and outs of a more complicated application.

Slow Fast Slow

With very little outlay, you can have an incredible array of tools at your fingertips that let you create stunning images or cool video effects. Of course, our favorite tool is the Animoto app, which lets you make beautiful Animoto videos on your mobile device, whether you’re at your studio or on location.