Partnering with PhotoTraining4U and Pro Photographer Mark Cleghorn



Announcing a new partnership with renowned British portrait and wedding photographer Mark Cleghorn and PhotoTraining4U online photography training resource!

We’re pleased to work with Mark and PhotoTraining4U to bring useful tutorials to our photography fans.

The PhotoTraining4U website offers subscribers tons of useful instructional videos for both amateurs and seasoned professionals, and the videos (which are essentially short 20-minute workshops) cover a wide variety of styles of photography and editing techniques. Mark, who releases three new PhotoTraining4U videos a week, uses Animoto not only in his instructional videos, but also as an easy way to create DVD-quality videos to sell to clients in his professional studio work.

In the following segment, Mark explains why he uses Animoto on a daily basis and shows an Animoto video he recently made of a practice photoshoot he shot with one of his models.

Here at Animoto, we’re extremely excited to be working with PhotoTraining4U. They’ve also generously set up a discount code for our users (enter: USA) for a one-year membership to PhotoTraining4U. That reduces the standard £199 subscription fee to $175 USD, saving anyone signing up over $140.

So, head on over to PhotoTraining4U’s site and stay tuned on Animojo, as Mark will be contributing articles every month in our blog, lending helpful tips from the master himself.

Did you like Mark’s photoshoot video? Try making your marketing video to impress your clients.