Animoto Impact Series: Family & Children Photographer, Tamara Lackey

Lauren Colman


*The Animoto Impact Series features photographers who include Animoto as part of their business and how the videos they create leave a lasting impact on their clients.


The first impression is incredibly important to family and children photographer, Tamara Lackey when debuting her clients’ images. She shares an Animoto video with her clients instead of a grid of images because she feels it packs a more emotional punch.

The sum is great than its parts in terms of music and imagery. Plus, creating a video takes no time at all.

Tamara instructs her clients how to watch the video after sharing it. Among other tips, she suggests to turn up the sound and watch on a large screen to receive the imagery in the most impactful way.

Take a look at the Innocence video style that was co-created with Tamara.

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