The Biggest Moments of Your 2014

Lauren Colman

Year in Review Videos

As 2014, the year of the selfie, comes to a close it’s time to look back and reflect. It’s easy to make an Animoto video of your year’s best events to share with all of the people who helped make it memorable.

Check out these two easy ways to make impactful year-end videos.

Facebook Lookback

This strategy highlights the 12 most important moments of your year. Find one major event from each month and add 3 to 5 images and/or video clips for each. Connect your Facebook account to Animoto and you can easily import images from your profile to add to your video.

Instagram Lookback

If you want a quick look at all of the Intagram-worthy moments of 2014 this may be the way to go. Make a fast-action video of all of your Instagram images from the year. You probably have a lot of pictures so we recommend setting the pacing to fast. If you want to break up the images try adding title cards for each month.