Chances are you will have a videographer and photographer at your wedding ceremony capturing all the beautiful moments of your vows. But what about all of the other memories being made at the events before and after the big day?

The Definitive Wedding Video Guide

We’ve put together a series of blog posts to help you organize and produce amazing videos of friends and family celebrating the new couple coming together.

Engagement – Create a video to announce the big news.

Save the Date – Save paper and make a Save the Date video.

Bridal Shower – After the party is over share your pictures and video clips.

Bachelorette Party – Share a tame video recap of the bachelorette party.

Reception – Delight guests with a Story of Us reception video.

Ceremony Have a friend snap intimate pictures of your special day.

Honeymoon Show off how much fun you had on your vacation.

Trash the Dress Don’t hide your gown in a closet… trash it.

Want more wedding inspiration? Check out our wedding videos page and get started creating your own video – no matter what stage of the wedding planning process you’re in!