With wedding season in full swing, we’re willing to bet that plenty of brides and grooms are looking for ways to wow their wedding guests, either at the reception or at the rehearsal dinner. Of course, we think a unique and personalized video always trumps a long-winded speech. So if you’re looking to make your own wedding reception or rehearsal dinner video, here are some styles that’ll work beautifully:

Song: “Love Song” by Darko Saric


Wooden borders of various shapes and sizes beautifully frame your wedding images in this earthy yet elegant style.

Make a video with Rustic.

Memory Box

A vintage filter lends a dreamy quality to this ethereal style, making it an ideal backdrop for the wedding memories you want to revisit.

Make a video with Memory Box.


Take a walk through lush woodlands blooming with flora, an idyllic backdrop for wedding memories to treasure for years to come.

Make a video with Woodlands.

Soft Focus

Draped in a subdued light, this airy Premium style radiates romance, grace, and timeless sophistication.

Make a video with Soft Focus.


Capture the effervescence of your special day with a style that shimmers and shines brightly.

Make a video with Champagne.

Which style will you pick for your video? Let us know in the comments below!