Create a Story-of-Us Wedding Reception Video

Skip the boring slide show of goofy photos. Show your guests a quick look back at the lives of you and your better half and how they converged into the greatest love story ever told.

Here is our comprehensive guide to creating a wedding reception or rehearsal dinner video that won’t leave a dry eye in the house.

Think of your video as a story with an exposition, climax, and resolution. Using photos, words and music, create a story arc. With the “Story of Us” reception video, it’s fairly easy since you know this story very well!

Typically we recommend videos be on the shorter side to keep people’s attention, but wedding reception videos are an exception to that rule. With your friends and family in attendance celebrating your commitment to your partner, you couldn’t ask for a better audience.

Photos Before and After You Met
Before you get started with the video, be sure you have enough photos and video clips from before you met. Try to include a couple embarrassing photos from the bride and groom’s childhood. Then add photos of the two of you as a couple and make sure you have a song playing during that section that matches the fairy tale story you’re telling.

Create a Story-of-Us Wedding Reception Video

Choose a Video Style
The video style you choose will dictate the personality and overall feeling of the video. Want something more simplistic? Try Animoto Original or Frameless. If you are looking for something more romantic give Antique Bouquet or Grace a try.

Add the Perfect Tune
You can check out some of our favorite Triple Scoop Music songs below, or check out the entire Animoto Pro Triple Scoop Music library before signing-up.

Some songs take a few seconds to get going, so starting a few seconds into the song may be a better fit for your video. You can even start in the middle of the song so that the end of a video section aligns with the end of the song. This makes for a smooth transition into another video segment or the end of the video.

Pick the Perfect Resolution
Animoto videos default to 360p, which is great for mobile and YouTube, but if you want to show your video on a large screen or projection you will want to upgrade to HD. With a Pro account, you’ll be able to upgrade to HD (480p, 720p or 1080p) – perfect for the big screen at your rehearsal dinner or reception!

Go with Pro
With amazing Triple Scoop Music available (and even a convenient Triple Scoop Music “Weddings” category), gorgeous pro-exclusive video styles, the ability to add more than one song per video and free HD upgrades, you’ll want a Pro account when creating your wedding reception video.

Reception videos are just one way to make your wedding special with video.

Create a Story of Us Video

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