Relive Events with Video Recap: The No Pants Experience

Megan Etzel


Ever have that recurring nightmare where you left your house, hopped on the subway and suddenly realized you’re not wearing pants? Apparently, this isn’t a nightmare that frightens the Animoto interns.

Last weekend, our three interns joined about 3,500 people on the New York City subways for the annual No Pants Subway Ride, organized by Improv Everywhere. Luckily, they had their cameras with them and managed to catch some footage of these crazy pants-less commuters. Take a look at how our winter interns (we like “winterns”) spent their Sunday afternoon.

Due to production time, professional videos can take days, even weeks, to be released after big events. But who really wants to wait that long?

The next time you find yourself in the middle of all the excitement, whether you’re strutting down the aisle at graduation, rocking out front-row style at a Ke$ha concert, or stuck on the subway with thousands of pants-less people, you don’t have to wait for the official video release. Make your own professional quality videos to recap big events, relive the experience, and share with friends who weren’t cool enough to be there themselves. Just upload your pics and footage, choose a song, and send it off. Within minutes, you’ll have your Animoto video – easy, exciting, and ready to watch and share long before the official videos are close to being done.

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