The holidays are full of great experiences and memories to share with loved ones, and I find that sharing is a lot easier with the help of a few videos. Take a look at five ways you can use video this holiday season to reach out to the ones you love and share the festivities with them.

Make a personalized video gift

Finding a meaningful gift each year can be a challenge, and some recipients are harder to buy for than others. For example, after years of trying to find just the right gift for my father (who never uses a single thing I buy), I settled for a video gift last year — one that’s a fun blast from the past, and that he’s gone back to more often than anything else I’ve tried.

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Song: “Candy Cane” by Abbas Premjee

Create a holiday card or video letter

Even if you’ve run out of time for sending paper holiday cards to loved ones, that doesn’t mean you can’t share holiday wishes with them. Create a holiday card with video or try a video holiday letter recapping your year, so you can reach everyone you’re connected to on social media — and save on postage while you’re at it.

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Song: “Deck the Halls” by Steve Rudolph

Send a video invitation

A video invitation can be a great alternative to paper invitations, which can be a hassle to send out on time and make RSVPing more difficult. Send out your video and accept quick emails as your RSVPs instead, and you’ll find out who’s coming and who’s not a lot faster.

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Song: “Rock of Ages (Maoz Tzur)” by The Jewish Songbook

Recap your holiday party

If you’re throwing a holiday party, don’t forget to follow it up with a recap — your guests (especially the ones who were hitting the eggnog) will appreciate that you took the time to document the memories. For example, to capture all the silliness of her ugly sweater party, Animoto team member Beth set up a photobooth, complete with props. Then, she collected all the photos in a short but sweet video, and shared it on social media, so her guests could enjoy them even after the party was over.

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Song: “Jolly Times” by Chieli Minucci and Emanuel Kallins

Recap your entire holiday

Not everyone can be there for the holidays, and even if you’re lucky enough to see all your loved ones, it’s still nice to have a recap to remind you of all the little moments that’ll make this year’s holiday special. Not sure what to record for your holiday recap? Take a look at our post on 12 holiday moments you should capture this year.

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How are you using video this holiday season? Add a link to your video in the comments below, or share it with us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Use the hashtag #MyAnimoto and we might share your holiday fun with our audience.


5 Ways to Use Video this Holiday Season