Congratulations! You’re engaged and want a fun and creative way to reveal your pending nuptials. Gather up pictures and clips and easily make a cry-worthy, joy-inducing, announcement video.

Creating a Video Engagement Announcement

Here are a few tips for announcing the big news in a beautiful video slideshow.

Tell Your Story
Create a visual walk through the couple’s history. Include where you met, your first date, and any other big milestones. Make it really fun by quantifying your relationship! How many spaghetti dinners have you hosted? How many vacations have you taken?

Make it Suspenseful
Leave the reveal of your engagement for the very end. Build up to the big news then drop in a text slide say, “We’re engaged!” Finish up the video with pictures of the moment the groom-to-be asked for her hand in marriage. Mom will surely shed some tears of joy.

Share Your News
Now that you’ve created the perfect video announcing your engagement be sure to share it for all to see. You can easily post it to Facebook or, if you want to keep the news a secret for a while, send it via email to a select group of people.

Create your video now, and share it with us for a chance to be featured on our Facebook page!