7 Tips for Snapping Photos for Your Family Video Christmas Card

Lauren Colman

7 Tips for Snapping Photos for Your Family Video Christmas Card

The family has flown in from all over the globe to enjoy a delicious Thanksgiving meal. That sounds like a perfect opportunity to snap pictures for your holiday video greeting card.

1. Location

Find the perfect location. You can even try out multiple locations. Take a few inside by the freshly decorated Christmas tree. Then head outside and snap a few shots in front of the family home or at a nearby park. Take a look at your neighborhood with new eyes and you will see many perfect spots to take a beautiful photograph.

2. What to Wear?

Look good together but don’t look like uniforms. Have everyone wear outfits that coordinate, not match. This allows everyone to show off their own style without standing out from everyone else in the photograph. In the picture below you see how everyone is wearing green and blue but they aren’t all wearing the same green cable knit sweater and blue corduroys.

3. Group and Individual Shots

Capture photos of everyone together but also take individual and couples photos. Think of specific groupings so everyone is represented. It’s not every day you are all gathered together. Get the cousins to go a silly picture. Have grandma and grandpa get an adorable shot with all of the grandkids. Looking back you will love the dynamics that come out in the photographs.

4. Props

Have the crafting gene? Make some props for your photo shoot. You can get crafty and make objects that will complement your overall theme like a hot chocolate stand or banner. Don’t worry, you don’t need to be crafty. You can use things you already have around the house! Grab the wreath and a few ornaments and you are good to go!

5. Have Fun

Make sure your pictures reflect your family’s personality. Everyone who gets your video card knows that Timmy isn’t that serious and Judy doesn’t wear dresses. Get goofy. Be yourself. When in doubt, a jumping shot always brings out the best in people.

6. Include all members of the family – even the furry ones

Your pets are part of your family. Why exclude them from the family portrait? Get them looking snazzy with a fresh brushing and a bow tie that matches your theme. They will appreciate the camera time and the time with the family.

7. Candid Moments

Don’t throw out the images that aren’t perfectly staged. Often those are the best photos of the set. Capture an adorable moment between brother and sister or when mom takes a moment to check her reflection in a nearby window. Introduce a situation that will produce an honest reaction.

Looking for even more ideas? Check out our Christmas photo shoot board on Pinterest.

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