You don’t need to be in a romantic relationship to say “I love you” with a video. Send an Animoto video to your parents, your BFF, even your cat(s).

Need help picking a video style for your proclamation? Here’s a quick rundown of our most popular styles for Valentine’s Day.

Romantic Styles

Romantic Animoto Video Styles

  • Antique Bouquet – Gorgeous blooms set the stage for a style that combines elegance, beauty and romance, all into one.
  • Coming Up Roses – Luscious rose petals grace the screen in this beautiful style, while twinkling lights usher in romance.
  • Sweetheart – Express your affections with a sweet style that’s adorned with effervescent hearts.
  • Through the Blossoms – Soft, graphic flowers and paper cutouts set the backdrop for sweet memories in this pretty style.


Subtle Styles

Subtle Animoto Styles

  • Dusk Retreat* – The soft glow of dusk envelops the scene, as your images recede into a sea of dwindling lights.
  • Fire – Turn up the heat with this fiery style, where the embers cast a sultry glow on your images and video clips.
  • Infinite Collage* – The simple backdrop of this subtle style lets your photos shine through and tell your story.
  • Vibrance* – Watch your photos come to life as they transition from black and white and into vibrant color.


Lighthearted Styles

Lighthearted Animoto Styles

  • Pinwheels and Things – Colorful pinwheels, origami and paper cutouts dance across the frames of this lighthearted style.
  • The Winding Vine – A vine winds gracefully through the frames of this gorgeous style, sprouting delicate blossoms along the way.
  • Rustic – Wooden borders of various shapes and sizes beautifully frame your images in this earthy style.
  • Inkwell – Splashes of ink dot the background of this vivid style, creating a colorful kaleidoscope effect.


Story Teller Styles

Story Teller Animoto Styles

  • Vintage Voyage – Journey through memories with this vintage style that celebrates the best of yesteryear as well as the present.
  • The Page Turner* – Co-designed with Vanessa Joy & Rob Adams, your photo album comes to life in this charming style.
  • Inferno – Things get hot, hot, hot in a style that engulfs your photos in the blazes of an inferno.
  • Fireworks – Fireworks illuminate your pictures in this lively style, making even the most ordinary moments extraordinary.

*Pro Exclusive styles


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