This post was updated on February 12, 2017 to reflect our latest video styles and product updates.

No Gift? Make a Last Minute Valentine’s Day Slideshow Video for Your Loved One

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, but don’t worry if you don’t have a thoughtful gift in mind. Animoto delivers a unique and meaningful present that takes just minutes to create and send.

Here’s your guide to creating a last-minute Valentine’s Day video with Animoto.

Choose the right style

Are you making a video for your mom, partner, or someone you recently started to date? We have a few styles that are great no matter how platonic, romantic or familial the person.

Make a Last Minute Valentine’s Day Slideshow Video for Your Loved One!

Coming Up Roses is full of romantic motion designs, and Sweetheart is a fun, playful style that can work for all different types of Valentine’s Day videos. For videos that work for the love of your life but also are a hit with mom, try Memory Box. And don’t forget to check out our latest 2017 Valentine’s style, Keepsake.

Slideshow Video Style: Keepsake
Song: “Lionheart Soul” by Jared Lutes

Add music

We have Valentine’s Day songs that will help set the right mood for your video. Music is the backbone to Animoto videos so definitely take a few minutes to check out our tracks before choosing one.

Animoto Love Songs

Add words

You really only need a few photos and/or video clips of you and your loved one in your video to get them verklempt.

Animoto Title Card

But if you really want to express yourself in a more meaningful way, add captions and text that let you know why you’re so smitten with them or appreciative to have them in your life. Not sure exactly what to say? We’ve come up with 30 different Valentine’s Day quotes that’ll help you share how you feel.

Schedule when your video goes out

Schedule Email Animoto Video

You can schedule the day your video goes out, and through February 21, 2017, you can even send it with a special Valentine’s Day email backdrop. Get your video done now, schedule it to email on February 14th, then rest assured your Valentine will get their special video in their inbox on Valentine’s Day. We will even let you know when they watch the video!

Create a Valentine’s Day Video
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