Turn Your Photographs Into an Ultimate Spring Break Video

Megan Etzel


The first day of Spring was last week, and while we wait in our winter coats in NYC for the cold to thaw, for others, it means kicking off Spring Break. We’re here to give you a guide on how to make the ultimate Spring Break Video.

1. Have an awesome time!

You hopefully knew that one already.

2. Get the right shots

Just like using good ingredients in a recipe, you’ll get better results with your video if you have good images first. The best videos we’ve seen have included most of the following:

  • Overview of the place you’re staying
  • Group shot
  • Beach/pool pose
  • Travel shots (arriving and leaving)

3. Choose the right song

The music really sets the mood for the video, and this is no time for a classical instrumental. Be sure to hunt around the Pop, Indie Rock, and Hip-Hop genres to choose a tune that’s right for your trip. Here’s a few suggestions to get you started:


  • Out of My Mind – Cavashawn
  • Let Me Go Crazy – Twirl

Indie Rock

  • 1234 (Remix) – Fake
  • We’re Still Young – Justin Raisen
  • Wouldn’t Be The Same – Catchpenny

Hip Hop

  • Black Out (Remix) – Ming + FS and Northern League
  • Up In Here – 857

4. Choose the right style

Choosing the style of your video is the flourishing touch, and we have a few recommendations for video styles:

  • Original: For that classic Animoto, music-video look
  • Water: A favorite of beach-goers everywhere
  • Earth: Awesome for road trips
  • Proof Sheet: Have an Animoto Pro account? Show off your great photography skills!

5. Share it!

If a video is created, and nobody sees it, was it ever awesome? Be sure to explore our sharing features and new Facebook options to show your video off to your friends and family.

Make Your Spring Break Videos Now!