Tips from the Pros: How to Look Great in Your Wedding Photos

Becky Brooks


Looking great in wedding photos is a top priority for most brides and grooms. Here are some tips from experienced photographers on how to look your best and photograph well on your big day!

Vanessa Joy is a wedding photographer from Freehold, New Jersey. She has appeared in national publications like Destination Weddings, and has won major photography awards.

Vanessa Joy’s Tips:

1. Don’t forget to accessorize

I’m sure you’ve thought of the basics, like shoes and a veil, but think about what else you can do to show off your bridal style. Hair pieces are big right now and really accentuate a bride’s hair styles, and they complete the outfit when the veil comes off during the reception.

2. Show how you really feel

You may or may not be the crying type, but if at any point you feel like you just might burst into joyful tears, go for it! Natural emotion caught on camera is what’s going to bring you back to how you felt on your wedding day and let you relive the moments through the pictures.

Wedding Vows - Vanessa Joy Photography

3. Exaggerate poses

Hopefully your photographer will be great at making you feel comfortable in front of the camera and posing you, but to help him or her out, make sure you exaggerate body movements, emotions and facial expressions. They don’t have to be over the top cheesy, but a little extra attitude can really make a picture go from good to great.

4. You’re never too close

More than likely your wedding day will be the time when you stand next to your spouse for the longest consecutive hours ever (ok, maybe the honeymoon will trump that). Just get close! Such a huge part of capturing the emotional feeling and chemistry between a couple on camera has to do with how close they are physically, especially having your heads close together or touching, and your hands hugging and holding each other. So get snuggly!

Brian Friedman is an NYC-based wedding & music photographer.

When not photographing major pop stars like Lady Gaga at concerts and events, he shoots couples from all over the globe in his home city.

Brian Friedman’s Tips:

1. Rain is romantic!

Don’t get scared off by it. Get yourself a white umbrella and/or a fun pair of rain shoes and your photos will look amazing! Also, if the storm rolls out in time, it may yield a gorgeous sky for photos later on!

2. Get your bridesmaids excited

Get them a little something as a thank you for being such a special part of your big day. They’ll love you even more and the photos with you all together will be great!

Bride and Groom Cityscape - Brian Friedman Photography

3. Guys, know how to lapel

Make sure you (or your mom) know how to correctly pin the flower on your lapel. Don’t leave it until that moment to find out – ask the florist!

4. Posing tips

When possible, lean against something such as a doorway or a wall, and don’t be afraid to give a very slight head tilt. It’s a more relaxed way to pose and it’ll add just the right amount of charm to the image.

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