The bride and groom hired a team of videographers and photographers to perfectly capture the most important day of their lives, but that doesn’t mean you can’t snap a few winning shots too.

5 Tips for Snapping Pictures at a Wedding Ceremony

Check out these 5 do’s and don’ts for capturing the special moments of a wedding ceremony.

1. Don’t pick mom or grandma to be in charge of taking the pictures. They will be far too busy wiping away tears of joy to concentrate on getting a picture of the bride’s entrance or the vows being read.

2. Let the pros do their job. Try not to get in the way of the professional photographer that the couple paid for. The last thing anyone wants to see is someone’s smartphone in all their professionally shot images.

3. Silence your phone/camera. How embarrassing would it be if your phone or camera made an electronic shutter sound right in the middle of the ring exchange? Very embarrassing.

4. Have everyone download the WedPics Wedding Photo app. We love this app for making sure the photos taken by all of the guests are easy to find all in one place. Once everything is done you can download the pictures and end up with many perspectives of the big event.

5. Don’t miss the show. You want to get the perfect video of the first kiss but be sure to enjoy the festivities. Look up from your lens every now and then to take in all the love in the air.

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