Father’s Day is almost here and there’s still time to make him something special.

Need some inspiration? Check out our top three video ideas for Dad this Father’s Day.

Happy Father's Day

Animoto video style: Hovering Drift (Pro exclusive video style)

Song: “Again” by Secrets in Stereo

Videos to capture Father's Day

1. Timeline
Pull out the old photo albums.  Go looking for your favorite pictures of Dad that highlight his proudest moments (or his most embarrassing). You dad will love looking back on his old friends, memories and accomplishments. Start way back and end with where he is today.

The more that you can dig up, the more nostalgic this video will be. Old scrapbooks and home movies are a good place to start. (We recommend our Vintage Voyage style for this video.)

2. Interview the Family
Father’s Day is a chance to get the whole family involved.  Grab your video camera (or have your relatives grab their webcams) and record 5-10 second video clips about how much Dad means to them.

Snap pictures of the family holding signs saying, “Happy Father’s Day!”, “We love you!”, or “We’re so glad you don’t wear that toupee anymore!” to insert between video clips.  Compile them with some fun family photos, and you’ve got a one-of-a-kind video that your dad will love.

3. Thank You for Everything
The “Thank You” video may be the most touching one of all. This is your opportunity to tell your dad what a big impact he’s had on your life, and how important he is to you today. Simply telling him what a good dad he’s been over the years and how much he’s taught you is a great way to go. (If you can, give him a big hug right after he’s watched the video!)

Take a minute to record a special message for your dad. Simply set up your video camera, tell him what’s on your mind, and upload your clip to the end of your Animoto video.

For more Father’s Day information check out our Father’s Day page!