Valentine's Day Music

Having trouble finding that perfect song for Valentine’s Day video?

Evoking the right emotion can be a lot of pressure, so that’s why we’ve made it easy for you with our suggested songs.

The Land of the Rising Hearts style features the song “Chemistry” by Valerie Cuggino. This song is fun, upbeat and friendly – just like your valentine.

The very romantic Coming Up Roses style is paired with the song “Better Together” by Jeffrey Paul Ciampa. A sweet and uplifting song like this means you’re bound to score points using this sentimental track.

Through the Blossoms is our new style that’s great for any love, family, or friendship video. This style features the playful and cheerful song “Golden Days” by The Memory Stones. It’s a great song to pair with photos capturing happy memories and adventures.

Want even more songs? Check out a few more of our new and favorite Valentine’s tracks.