How to Make an Awesome Video for Your Super Bowl XLV Memories

Megan Etzel


Ah, football season. A time of chicken wings and bean dips, of team colors and rowdy fans, of the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat.

Super Bowl Photography Videos

Super Bowl XLV is upon us, and in this party season, an Animoto video is a great way to capture the excitement of the big bash you’re throwing. Here are some tips to make sure your video is a winner, even if your team isn’t.

Be sure to get pictures of the food. Surely you’ve set out a great spread of delicious party fuel. Get some shots of all those yummy treats.

Ask guests to share their best touchdown dances. You might be surprised by some of the moves your friends have been storing away – maybe someone in your crowd can rock Aaron Rodger’s “championship belt” move better than the quarterback himself?eats to remember everything you shovelled down while engrossed in the game.

Capture reaction shots. It is nice to have photos of your smiling friends, but it’s way more exciting to catch them jumping on the couches, yelling obscenities at the refs, or throwing things at the television. Stay on your toes and snap photos and videos of your guests during their finest reactions. Just make sure you’re not between them and the TV, or else you’ll be the target of a flying Cheesehead hat or a whipped Terrible Towel.

After the party is over, upload your footage and pick a high-energy song to best showcase the buzz and excitement you felt in the boisterous crowd. Then, share your Animoto video with your guests and friends so they’ll remember just who threw the best Super Bowl party around.

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