Summer Vacation Video & Photo Tips

Megan Etzel

Summer with Animoto

From family vacations abroad to afternoons spent at the park, summer is packed with activity, making it the most photographed season of the year.

We’ve got some photo and video tips to help you capture moments that will keep you warm even during the coldest winter months!

Are you ready?
Keep your camera handy; you never know when you’ll be needing it. “I wish I had my camera!” is the last thought you want to have as you embark on a spontaneous adventure. Also, make sure your battery is charged and your memory card has plenty of space.

Vacation by the Pier Photo


Where are you? Stun your friends with a panoramic of your location at sunset. In addition, try to include a landmark that people can recognize; they will be able to familiarize themselves with the place and share your experiences.


Bright summer sun can create harsh shadows and wash out colors. Avoid taking photos in the middle of the day. Instead, opt for a few hours before and after dawn and dusk. When possible, use natural lighting, as your flash will change the mood of the setting.


Catch on the Beach

Catch your subject in action! Most cameras have an action setting, but you can also choose to shoot at a higher shutter speed, in order to take clear shots. If you’re photographing sports, be sure to include the ball in the frame; it will add movement to a static photo. Another tip for action photography is to set your camera to multi-frame shooting. This will allow you to snap multiple stills within seconds, ensuring that you don’t miss the ball hitting the bat.


Sneak a photo of your friends laughing hysterically or of your kids building a sandcastle at the beach. Candid photos capture the raw emotions of memories just as we experience them, something that posed pictures fail to do.


Capture the energy of an event by shooting a video. Record as you ride a roller coaster or sing along to your favorite song at a concert. Videos are a good option for activities that involve action and sound.


How often do your photos and videos fail to leave your computer?

Create an Animoto video and share your memories with your loved ones this summer!