The search for the perfect birthday card usually entails a labored trek through aisles and aisles of cookie-cutter cards. And if the recipient is someone you really care about, it can be a struggle to find a meaningful card that expresses exactly what they mean to you. That’s why a video card makes for a great alternative. You can customize it with your own photos and words, in a way that no store-bought card can. So if you’re thinking of making a birthday video card, here are some awesome video styles we think fit the bill:

Birthday Gifts

Birthdays are made extra special with this celebratory style, where your photos are the gift, and should delight any recipient.

Make a video with Birthday Gifts.

Memory Box

A vintage filter lends a dreamy quality to this ethereal style, making it an ideal backdrop for the special memories you want to revisit with the birthday person.

Make a video with Memory Box.


Capture the effervescence of the birthday person’s special moments with a style that shimmers and shines brightly.

Make a video with Champagne.

One Year Wiser

Blow out the candles with abandon in this whimsical style, ideal for kids or just the young at heart.

Make a video with One Year Wiser.

Super 8

Capture the nostalgia of home movies in a retro style that makes distant memories seem like only yesterday.

Make a video with Super 8.

If you make a birthday video card, don’t be surprised if the recipient expects one every year. After all, who doesn’t want a completely personalized birthday card, that goes way beyond cardstock? And if you do make one, please share it in the comments below – we’d love to see them!