Capturing Your St. Patrick’s Day

Lauren Colman


Whether celebrating St. Patrick’s Day at a party, pub or parade, it’s a great excuse to hang out with friends and family. With Animoto, you can create a slick-looking video to capture and share those memories in minutes using your photos, video clips and music.

Here’s are some quick tips on creating an Animoto video that will leave you wishing everyday brought you the luck of the Irish…

1. No camera? No problem!

Whether you don’t want to bring your camera with you to the festivities or simply don’t have one, fret not. Animoto has an iPhone app that allows you to create a video within minutes on your iPhone.

Procrastinators can rejoice in knowing you can make your video in about 2 minutes at the end of the night instead of putting it off until later.

2. Add Text

No worries if your quips aren’t as clever as Ireland’s master of wit, Oscar Wilde. You can still add text that contextualizes the festivities.

If you’re feeling especially uninspired, Google a short Irish saying to add into your video’s text field. The Irish are never short on sayings that are apropos for celebrations.

3. Share in Seconds

Animoto makes it so easy on the web and on your iPhone to share videos. Post your video on Facebook, tweet it, or email it to friends and family.

Your loved ones will be super-excited to know someone caught the night on camera and even created a video with the memories.

St. Patrick's Day

If you have great memories you’d like to share, create a video. It will take no time at all and will “wow” your friends and family.