Share Your Recipes with Video

Megan Etzel


“This is a-ma-zing. Can I have your recipe?” How many times have you been asked this or been craving your best friend’s dinner party recipes?

Next time you get interrogated (and the holidays are just around the corner), don’t scribble your sheer brilliance onto a slip of paper that’s easy to lose. Break out your camera, record your prowess in the kitchen, and make an awesome video to share your recipe instead!

After hours spent chopping, dicing, and stirring in your stronghold, load up your photos to Animoto, and whip up a video recipe you can send to all your foodie friends and admirers at the click of a button.

Our Recipe for the Perfect Video

Add Text to Recipe Video

Step 1: Ingredients

Take a snapshot of all the ingredients you need. If accuracy is crucial, use text to spell out exactly how much of everything you need.

Cooking Potatos

Step 2: The action

Whether it’s mixing, sauteing, or kneading, show what you did to go from A to B (B, as in delicious, lip-smacking goodness). If it’s a specific technique, you can even throw in a video here and there to highlight your art. Remember, you can always use text to add in specifics, like temperature and time.

Step 3: Bragging rights!


Take photos of your masterpiece right out of the oven. Remember to use the light to your advantage and take pictures from different angles! Better yet, get shots of everyone enjoying your recipe!

Get started with making your very own recipe video!