Top 3 Back-to-School Videos to Create



School is back in session! Fall always offers a bunch of school events you can turn into video fun for your friends and family.

Animoto lets you import your video clips and photos, add words and music and apply a unique Animoto style to create a personal video you can share with everyone. You can also make them on your iPhone and Android with our free mobile apps.

Here are some great ideas for having fun going back to school.

1. Go deep! Football, soccer, volleyball – fall sports showcase team spirit.

Sports can be unpredictable so keep the camera running during the game to capture video and photos! Get the plays but don’t forget the fans who often offer some even better reaction shots.

Style: Fire

2. School events are great photo opps.

It usually starts with Back to School Night. There are lots of kids and parents wandering the halls and meeting new teachers. From there, there are plenty of school events that showcase your child in their “other” habitat! This is where they spend their days without you. Bring the camera and record your child’s other-world so they can show everyone what makes their school so special.

Style: Color Fold

3. Don’t forget about performances

Your kids have been preparing for this moment for weeks. Whether it is a school play, musical or talent show, these are the kinds of videos that you (and your kids) will want to look back on years down the line. And they are always looking for “remember when” video when your they finally make it big time!

Style: Vintage Voyage

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