Use Video Slideshows To Aid In Your Roommate Search!

Megan Etzel


The roommate search is a tricky one. Harmonious schedules and hygiene tendencies are just a few considerations to think about when looking for your next roommate.

A quick video slideshow is the perfect way to get across just what your looking for.

Here are some simple steps to create the ultimate roommate wanted video:

Describe Yourself with Text

Item 1: Text Slide.

Your first name, occupation and where you’re from. Or, any combination of details that describes your situation, such as, “Hi I’m Renee, a recent Penn grad!” or “Hi I’m Kat, a teacher from Texas.”

Add Images of Yourself

Item 2: Image.

An image of yourself that provides a nice introduction. Don’t be afraid to show off your personality, but also try not to scare off potential roomies. So, an image of you playing the guitar is great, but don’t include that photo of you passed out with sharpie all over your face.

Item 3: Text Slide.

Detail exactly what you’re looking for. If you recently moved to a new city, try something along the lines of “I made the leap to NYC, now I need a place to live!” Or if you need to fill a room, “1 rm in 3 bed, 2 bath in the East Village.” Try to be as descriptive as possible.

Add Text

Item 4: Text.

Express your roommate tendencies in a nutshell. For example “Friendly, tidy, and easy going” are all great adjectives. But as always honesty is the best policy. So if you’re a complete neat freak, it’s best to acknowledge that right away.

Add Images of your interests

Items 5 and 6: Image.

Further show off your individuality by including photos or video clips of you doing something you love. Love to cook? Take a snapshot of you whipping up a casserole. Love pets? Snuggle up to a cute puppy. Other fun examples include pics or video of you painting, snowboarding, hiking, or boogieing on the dance floor.

Item 7 and 8: Text.

Include Contact Info

Include your contact information. “Feel free to email me at _____” Hopefully by now you have successfully displayed that you are, in fact, not a serial killer. So, now it’s time to iron out the details. Good luck!

Don’t wait! Create your own video slideshow now!