If you’re like us, you’ve changed your tune lately and started to send out holiday videos to your friends and family instead of traditional holiday cards. It’s a trend we’ve seen here at Animoto as people begin to embrace and appreciate the interactive nature of video much more than a piece of mail. What’s more, you can pack as much or as little into the video and your captive audience will watch.

Tackk And Animoto Holiday Card

There’s no denying that we still love to include personal flare – whether it’s showing off the quintessential family portrait, personalizing the greeting or telling a funny story. Now, thanks to a new partnership we have with the great folks at Tackk, sharing your video through a fully customized page is only a few clicks away. Tackk is free and as shockingly easy to use as Animoto. With Tackk, you can create personalized pages with ease. Add banners, pictures, backgrounds, personalize the greeting and complement your video with storied highlights of your year.

The folks at Tackk have made it super simple to add your Animoto video to your page, too. Simply click the Video button and then select Animoto. Paste in your video’s URL and, voila.. You’re all set.

Embed Animoto Video in Tackk

So, whether you’ve been making holiday videos for years now or just diving in this year, redefine your holiday card with Animoto and Tackk.

Create your Tackk Holiday Card