A New Twist on an Old Tradition: Recipe Exchange

Lauren Colman

Sharing Video Thanksgiving Recipes

Thanksgiving is the Olympics of cooking and baking. Everyone comes out swinging with their best recipes of main dishes, sides and desserts. Instead of the traditional recipe exchange where you spend an hour writing out the same recipe 10 times, share a video of you and the kids making your dish with play-by-play instructions.

Have fun filming and photographing the process. Use all of your camera’s features for dramatic effect. Making whipped cream? Waiting for dough to rise? Turn on the time-lapse feature to speed things up. Combining wet and dry ingredients? Dropping something into hot oil? Use the slow-mo mode.

Document every step of the process, from preparation, execution and decoration. Everyone wants to know your secret for the most moist meat or fluffiest frosting. Your friends and family will appreciate the love and care put into all of the little things that go into making your signature dish.

The result will be a fun and exciting new take on an old custom. Feeling generous? Have everyone share their video and create a YouTube channel of all of the recipes. You will be able to make Aunt Mable’s famous cherry pie all year round. Happy cooking!

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