Pool Party Video

Megan Etzel

Pool Party

Escape the summer heat wave, break out the waterproof sunscreen, and jump into that pool! Whether you have a pool of your own or you are taking a day trip to the public pool, grab your sunglasses, sunscreen, and camera to capture your refreshing day.

Check out these great photo tips to capture your watery summer fun.

1. Go Down Under

Embrace your inner child and have a tea party under water. Or try to open your eyes and make silly faces. You can either purchase a disposable underwater camera from a drugstore or you can find underwater housing to protect your precious camera.

For example, there are underwater cases for DSLRs available. The price depends on the quality – anything from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars. The cases are essentially big ziplock bags, with better water sealing protection.

2. Action Shots

It will always be fun to jump off of a diving board. Period.

If you want a really great action shot, try using your wide angle lens and get close to your subject so you can capture those great facial reactions. Or, be prepared to take a snapshot of those awesome dives (or potential belly flops) by using the fastest shutter speed available. Flash freezes action, but if you don’t want to use the flash you’ll have to open up the aperture to let more light in.

3. Style Recommendations

Water – An appropriate choice.

Air – Looks great surrounding those water shots.

Original – Let those loud, colorful photos speak for themselves!

4. Send away

If your friend was kind enough to let you swim in their pool for the day, thank them with an awesome video of your fun day. Or, if you hosted a pool party for your daughter’s birthday party, send notes to all of the parents letting them know how much fun their kid had!

Whatever you do, be sure to stay cool. (And you’ll be even cooler with an Animoto video.)

Try seeing what your summer photos look like as a video!