Passover Videos You Shouldn’t Pass Over

Brett Petersel


Beginning this Friday, April 3rd, Passover will be celebrated in many homes around the world. The eight-day Jewish holiday brings families and friends together where many stories about how the holiday came to be are told, an unnatural amount of matzah (the unleavened bread) is consumed, and discussions about the Kardashians and political matters take over. Well, that’s how it’s celebrated in my home.

Like most holidays that are celebrated when families and friends come together, it’s always a great time to photograph and record the moments when the prayers are spoken or as the kids search for the hidden Matzah around the home. Make sure those cameras and smartphones are accessible, as you never know when a perfect photo moment will occur.

When the holidays are over, what will you do with all of the photos and videos you’ve taken? How about creating a Passover video on Animoto, and then add both music and text to further enhance the stories and events that happened. When you’re finished, you can easily share the video on multiple social networks or you can email it directly to anyone you’d like.

Here are a few videos that captured what Passover is all about (in one way or another).

This video captures the Passover family spirit. We spotted the kids looking for the Matzah, people wearing masks, and the reading of the holiday prayers.

Any Ramones fans in the house? If so, this parody of their classic “I Wanna Be Sedated” has been reimagined by The Shlomones as “I’m Going To A Seder”.

A Matzah Rap. Enough said.

When you’re finished creating your video, share it with us in the comments.