Spruce Up Your Online Dating Profile With A Video Slideshow!

Megan Etzel


Jezebel recently released a piece that explained How to Set Up the Perfect Online Dating Profile

Here’s our suggestion: add a video slideshow!

The :30 Spot is a short Animoto video that gets your point across in just half a minute. While shorter might seem easier, it often isn’t. We’re here with a guide to help you build the best :30 Spot for your dating profile!

Item 1: Image.

Add Photos of Yourself

The cutest accurate photo of yourself you can find. Start off on a good an honest foot! If you can’t find any that fit this bill, this is the time to get your friend with the good camera to take a photo of you. (No MySpace shots for this one.)

Item 2: Text Slide.

Your site username, your age, and your location.

Item 2: Video Clip.

You, doing what you do best. Are you acting? Skiing? Running a marathon? Dancing? Keep this one short, about 2-3 seconds.

Add Text to Describe Yourself

Item 3: Text Slide.

What would your friends say about you? “My friends would say…” Include something about your personality, strengths, or quirks.

Item 4: Image.

Personality Photo

Other photos of yourself – make sure these have a little personality. Pets, musical instruments, and other props are encouraged here.

Item 5: Text Slide.

We’re stealing this idea from OKCupid – what’s your typical Friday night? (For example, “my Fridays are usually spent cooking” or “I love shooting movies with my friends.”)

Item 6: Image.

Hobbies Photo

Show us your Friday!

Item 7: Text Slide.

Add Text About You

Tell us something that is important to you. Is it your religion? A sense of humor? Will you only date other vegans?

Item 8: Image.

Travel Photo

An image supporting this, such as you at a festival, or celebrating an accomplishment.

Item 9: Text Slide.

Call-to-Action. Tell the viewer to send you a message and tell you about him or herself!

Don’t Wait! Create your own video slideshows now.