And the #FlyWithMom Winner is…

Frankie Greek


The Challenge

A few weeks ago, we presented the Animoto community with a challenge: make an Animoto video celebrating a woman in your life in time for Mother’s Day. The winner was to be selected at random and would receive the grand prize of a vacation from Animoto. We had the opportunity to watch so many heartwarming and well developed submissions to our #FlyWithMom Mother’s Day Sweepstakes and are very excited to share the winner with you today.

The Winner

Congratulations to our winner, Janie! She created the following Mother’s Day Animoto video for her daughter, Adri Lea.

We had a chance to catch up with Janie and her daughter over the phone recently. Janie shared with us that her motivation for making the video came from her daughter, whom she described as being a hard working single mother. She also said that she was so proud of all that her daughter has accomplished and is inspired by the way she’s raising her kids – Serena, 5, and Samara, 2, to have awesome attitudes towards life.

Janie selected photos of her daughter and granddaughters that she felt best showed their personality and uploaded them into an Animoto video. After finding the perfect song (“I must have listened to dozens of songs”) posted the video on Adri Lea’s Facebook wall as a gift on Mother’s Day. This was her first reaction upon seeing the video, in the form of a comment:


Adri Lea told us that she thought it was a really sweet gift and that the best Mother’s Day presents when you have young children are the ones that have to do with memories. What’s interesting is that she had no idea that her mother Janie had entered our contest until she heard she won! “I didn’t believe her,” Adri Lea told us over the phone, “I thought she was making it up!”

The Prize

As for the vacation, they’re still working out the details. Janie would like to take the whole family on a trip to Disney so her granddaughters can meet their favorite characters and celebrate their birthdays, as the girls were born 4 days apart. Her daughter Adri Lea wants her Mom to use the money to go on anniversary vacation with her husband, as they celebrated their 35th wedding anniversary last year but were unable to go away because a family member was in the hospital.

However they choose to use their prize, we hope they have a great time. Congratulations again to Janie, Adri Lea and the rest of their family and to all the other families who entered our #FlyWithMom sweepstakes!