Mobile Photography Tips for the Summer



Mobile photography has taken off in the last few years, with phones not only being incredibly accessible photo-taking devices, but surprisingly effective ones as well.

Here are some ways to take full advantage of your phone’s powerful little camera this summer:

summer mobile phone photography tips concert

Be on the lookout for photo ops.

The greatest thing about mobile photography is the convenience; if you always have your phone on you, you always have the opportunity to snap a photograph.  So take your phone out of your pocket and look around!  Try to think like a photographer, and make a conscious effort to observe the world around you and look for potential photos.

Don’t forget to take video clips!

Sometimes a single photo can’t capture things like wiffle ball action shots or the flickering campfire.

Composition is still important.

summer mobile photo tips beach asbury park

Whereas you can always adjust the colors, saturation, and cropping of a photo after you take it, composition is the one thing that is pretty difficult to change after the photos is taken.  So long as you have the space on your phone, you don’t have to get the perfect picture on your first try–or second, or third–but take your time anyway.  Digital Photography Review has some great tips about mobile photography composition, including reminders to use the Rule of Thirds, and be mindful of positive and negative space.

Use social apps.

You’ll be more likely to keep photographing your summer if it’s easy for you to share photos with your friends, and get their feedback and appreciation.  Instagram lets you add cool filters and effects to your photos, and it doubles as a popular photo-sharing app.

Of course, Animoto videos are ideal for sharing as well.  By combining your photos with music and a fun video style, you make it easier to share all the excitement and emotions of your summer adventures.

Recap a fun weekend or trip by creating a video with Animoto’s mobile app. It’s free, and just as quick and easy as our web app.

For even more ideas, check out these mobile photography tips from the pros!