Pay Tribute & Celebrate Memories with a Memorial Video

Beth Forester


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When a loved one passes away, it’s hard to wrestle with the grief and the realization that they’re no longer with us. And as time goes on, we may fear that our memories of them will fade away. That’s where photos and videos become even more precious, offering a lasting connection to that special person.

A memorial video can be a moving way to pay tribute to your loved one. Asking family and friends for photos and video clips of the person can even bring people together, uniting everyone in a special task. Whether it’s a retrospective video, highlighting the milestones in the person’s life, or simply a collection of favorite moments, there’s truly no right or wrong way to make this type of video.

Here’s a video I helped create for a friend of mine, to honor her father:

Cataloging his life through a series of wonderfully rich photos, this video will be a priceless keepsake that she can share with extended family members — especially her own children — so that everyone can keep his memory alive throughout the years.

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