Our Favorite Styles for Mother’s Day Videos

Megan O'Neill


Mother’s Day is just around the corner and, if you’re making your mom a personalized video as a gift, you may be trying to decide which Video Style to use. We’ve rounded up a list of our faves. Check them out in the video below and then click on through to make your Mother’s Day video!

Memory Box

A vintage filter lends a dreamy quality to this ethereal style, making it an ideal backdrop for special memories.

Make a video with Memory Box.

Chalk Blossoms

Colorful blooms spring forth on a chalkboard, combining together to bring a bit of whimsy and charm to this style.

Make a video with Chalk Blossoms.

Through the Blossoms

Soft, graphic flowers and paper cutouts set the backdrop for sweet memories in this pretty style.

Make a video with Through the Blossoms.


Wooden borders of various shapes and sizes beautifully frame your images in this earthy style.

Make a video with Rustic.

Antique Bouquet

Gorgeous blooms set the stage for a style that combines elegance, beauty and romance, all into one.

Make a video with Antique Bouquet.