Thinking about making your mom a video for Mother’s Day this year, but aren’t sure where to start? We’ve got five ideas to inspire you.

Idea #1: Good old-fashioned greeting

The first idea is a video Mother’s Day greeting. Stand in front of the camera (or get your kids to!) and take pictures and videos of yourself and/or your kids wishing mom a “Happy Mother’s Day!” Here’s a fun example using photos of the kids holding up signs, plus video footage of them sending mom their love out loud.

Style: Chalk Blossoms
Song: “Making Memories” by Steve Fawcett

Idea #2: Thank you

Instead of just sending a plain greeting, you can use Mother’s Day as a platform to thank your mom for all the great stuff she’s done for you (and is still doing). Dads: you can also create a video from a little one, like in the example below.

Style: Rustic
Song: “Here We Go Again” by Andrea Perry, Sarah Sharp

Idea #3: Flash back to old memories

For a parent, seeing old photos and videos of their children can really tug at their heartstrings. Try using older photos and videos (from a few years or a few decades ago) to really bring out the emotion. That’s what Animoto’s CEO Brad Jefferson did in this video, for his wife and his mom.

Style: Memory Box
Song: “Golden Days” by The Memory Stone

Idea #4: Special portraits

For the mom that enjoys seeing her babies all dolled up, try a portrait video! Get the kids dressed up in their best, shoot some photos, and put them together to create a video. You can also get a few of the photos printed out and framed.

Style: Antique Bouquet
Song: “Let It Out (Instrumental)” by Matt Harvey

Idea #5: Sending love from afar

Finally, if you live far away from your mom — be it across the country or across the world — a personalized video can hold so much emotion. Check out this video, created by Sally Sargood from the Animoto team, for her mother in Australia.

Style: Vibrance
Song: “We Grow” by Tyler Stenson

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