Last Minute Gifts for Mother’s Day

Beth Forester


I am a procrastinator... well, a recovering procrastinator. I can still hear my mother’s sweet voice in my ear warning, "Don’t procrastinate now. You’ll regret it later." So for those of you who procrastinated and now find yourselves without a gift for dear Mom, I feel your pain. And to you all specifically, I dedicate this list of last minute gifts that come together pretty easily and quickly. Your mother doesn’t need to know you waited until the last minute — it’ll be our little secret.

Idea #1: Flowers

This might not win you points for creativity, but it’s hard to go wrong with sending Mom flowers. If you live close enough to deliver the flowers yourself, why not head to your local flower shop and take the time to pick out her favorite flowers or colors? She’ll probably appreciate the extra step you took to personalize the bouquet. If you need to have the flowers delivered, at least make sure to include a heartfelt message.

Mother's Day Flowers

Idea #2: Animoto video

What makes this idea great, is that it can literally come together in just a few minutes. And there’s nothing like a personalized, completely unique video to make Mom feel really special. Just gather up a few of your favorite photos of her and of you together, add a few fun captions, and voila – your gift is ready to be emailed or burned to a DVD and wrapped up with a pretty bow.

To learn more, check out our guide to making a Mother's Day video with Animoto.

Idea #3: Care package filled with her favorite things

Remember the care packages your mom sent you in college? Return the favor by pulling together some of her favorite things and finding a creative way to package them. If you live near your mother, you could always package it up as a beautiful gift basket — like the kind you would find at a gourmet store, but filled with things you know she loves (chocolate, fuzzy socks, magazines, etc).

Care Package

Idea #4: Beautifully framed photo

Mothers are pretty much the same in this one aspect — we love photos of our children. So take that special photo of you and your mom and put it in a beautiful frame. You might even consider taking your photo to a framing store and having the professionals handle the matting and framing to make sure everything coordinates beautifully. Here’s a photo of my aunt and grandmother.

Framed photo Mother's Day

Idea #5: Spa gift certificate

It’s a universal truth that being a mother can be exhausting, in every way imaginable. So what better way to pamper Mom than with a gift certificate to a spa, where she can unwind and take some time for herself? Whether it’s a treatment package or just a mani/pedi, she’ll think of you with a halo around your head as she sips her lemon water in peace.

Mother’s Day is just around the corner, so get to it and try out one of these ideas, pronto. Do you have any last-minute gift ideas? Share them with us in the comments!