Summer may be gone, but the members of our Animoto Video Storytellers Facebook group are keeping its spirit alive with their entries in our Long-Live Summer Challenge. We received so many amazing videos, but in the end we narrowed it down to one winner and three runners-up. Check out their winning entries:

The Grand-prize winner of a $100 Amazon gift card was Hilary Murphy with her video recap of her family’s trip to Ireland. This video story features gorgeous photography and video clips, along with a sense of place and a warmth we just couldn’t resist.

Style: Documentary
Song: “The Uncloudy Day” by Kristin Andreassen

And though we were supposed to have only two runners-up for our $50 Amazon gift cards, our judges couldn’t decide between three entrants — so we decided to award all of them. Congratulations to our 3 runners-up!

  • Sabrina Koch recorded a few seconds of video every day, building a creative video diary of her family during the month of August.

    Style: Classic
    Song: “The Uppity Strut” by Tut Tut Child

  • Priscilla Davis made a joyful record of her summer, photographing everything from days spent lounging at home to a big trip to Legoland.

    Style: Runway
    Song: “A Whimsical Journey” by Abbas Premjee

  • Glenda Torres visited the Poconos Lantern Festival as a way to memorialize her mother, and her incandescent video brings the magic of the festival alive.

    Style: Remembrance
    Song: “Atelier” by Caity Copley

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