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Video is like a time capsule, capturing the important moments so you can share them or re-live them later. And while we usually think about using video to preserve those memories on one or two special occasions each year, there are dozens of opportunities throughout the year to create video albums you can you can look back on for years (and even decades) to come. We’ve put together a list of 50 video projects that document all of life’s events, big and small, to inspire you. Take a look:

A Lifetime of Memories: 50 Ideas for Your Next Video Project


Year after year, we just can’t help sharing those holiday moments with the people we love. Take a look at a few of the festivities that are just calling out for a video.

    1. New Year’s Resolutions
    2. Video Valentine
    3. Easter activities, like egg dying, visits to the Easter bunny, or egg hunts
    4. Mother’s Day
    5. Father’s Day
    6. Independence Day
    7. Grandparents Day
    8. Halloween festivities
    9. Thanksgiving
    10. Christmas/holiday recaps

      Important Life Events

      Whenever life changes, we want to document it. So when a child is born, a couple gets married, or some other milestone happens, a video helps you look back on and appreciate how you felt at the time and how your life has changed since.

    12. Birthday
    13. First day of school or back to school
    14. Graduation
    15. Engagement or Proposal
    16. Wedding recap
    17. First communion or christening
    18. Bar and Bat Mitzvah
    19. Record of your pregnancy
    20. Gender-reveal video
    21. Legacy or memorial
    22. Anniversary

      Video Greetings

      Video is a heartfelt (and eco-friendly) way to replace traditional paper greeting cards. Check out a few of the ways you can save yourself a stamp and use video to share news, thanks, or best wishes with friends and family.

    24. Party invitation
    25. Thank you greeting
    26. Get well wishes
    27. Holiday greeting
    28. Birth announcement

      Everyday Life

      Even though we think of video as something special for big occasions, the truth is you probably have lots of photos or video clips of normal, everyday life floating around on your camera, computer, or smartphone. Turn them into something share-worthy by creating a video that captures the joy of day-to-day life.

    30. Your pets
    31. A fun day out at a zoo, a fair, or other special location
    32. A day with grandparents
    33. Photos of your child’s school projects
    34. How-to project

      Family History

      Family photos can end up in the hands of just a few relatives, making it hard for everyone else to share those memories. If you’re the family memory keeper, why not share the wealth with all your loved ones by turning those photos into a video album family members can revisit again and again.

    36. Your family tree
    37. Photos of you or the kids way back when
    38. Family recipe
    39. Documentary about a family member
    40. Family video album
    41. Family reunion


      Whether you’re showing your video at a party, or just putting together images from an event the night before, video is a great way to add something special to the occasion, before, during, or after the event.

    43. Milestone birthday celebration
    44. Party photobooth fun
    45. Post-party recap
    46. School dance or prom
    47. Wedding rehearsal video


      Keep track of how you and your family have changed over the course of a year, or just share your most recent vacation on social media. Either way, video offers an outlet if you’re looking to document your days.

    49. Your year or your family’s year in review
    50. Look back on the school year
    51. Baby’s first year
    52. Honeymoon recap
    53. Summer recap
    54. Vacation recap
    55. Sports team season recap
    56. Photo-a-day project

    Have you thought of a way to use video that we haven’t? Share it with us in the comments below. Or share your video with us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram using hashtag #MyAnimoto.