When you’re looking at the calendar and there are literally zero shopping days left before the holidays hit, not to worry — you’ve still got options. Take a look at our list of last-minute video ideas for a gift that’ll be even better than what you could buy at the store.

Blast from the past

Pull out your old photos and create a video that helps you connect with loved ones and remind them of the way things were, way back when. And while the video doesn’t have to be as silly as this example from Awkward Family Photos, if it is, your recipient will definitely appreciate it.

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Song: “Candy Cane” Abbas Premjee

Year in review

Though you may send out a year in review for your annual holiday card, this is a little different. It’s more of a video album, celebrating your year’s highlights — and a gift your family can come back to again and again. Make it as a present for parents, children, friends, or significant others to celebrate the life you shared together this past year, as Jen Borget of the blog Baby Making Machine did last year.

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Song: “A Touch Down” by Jon Robert


Got someone who loves your cookies but can’t seem to follow a written recipe? Make it easy on them. Put all the dry ingredients in a mason jar, tie it up with a bow, and then create a video version of the recipe that they can play as they bake. That way, even a loved one with zero skills in the kitchen can have tasty, homemade baked goodies like the ones featured below.

Slideshow Video Style: Frameless
Song: “Flapper Jack” by the Texas Gypsies

Family history

If you’ve got a pile of old family memorabilia at home, here’s a simple last-minute idea for you: create a genealogical video using the photos and artifacts you already have, giving your loved one access to the family history. For example, when her father gave her his high school scrapbook to keep, Lisa Louise Cooke of the Genealogy Gems podcast, decided to give it back to him for Christmas — as a video. They both can enjoy the scrapbook now, and Lisa’s father can even share it with friends just by emailing them the video link.

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Song: “Acoustic Sun” by A Thousand Words

Holidays through the years

If there’s one time during the year when kids (and grown ups) tend to have photographs taken, it’s during December. Whether it’s posed shots or candid photos from holiday parties, you probably have at least one photo or video clip for each year. Put them together and show how you and your family have changed. If you have children, like Kirsten and Douglas Kelly, you can make your video even more moving by showing how they grow over time.

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Song: “Christmas Is Our Favorite Time” by Bernie Meisinger

Do you have any last-minute video gift ideas? Share them with us in the comments below, or share them with us on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram with the hashtag #MyAnimoto.


5 Last-Minute Holiday Video Gift Ideas